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As I am using this blog more as a database than a regular blog, I sometimes update my posts with new infos, pics, or corrections. So I thought it would be a nice idea to inform my regular readers when I add something to an existing post.
I will also add a direct link to these updates posts under the existing contact one.

Last updates :
D&D comics history part 10 - Limited Editions
Now contains reviews and pics (covers and some pages) of all 4 printed issues.

D&D comics history part 9 - Dragonstrike
Double page scan added.

D&D comics history part 2 - The Dragonlance Saga
2 pages scans added.

D&D comics Definitive List
Dragones y Mazmorras (from Spain) serie included in the list.

D&D jigsaw puzzles Definitive List
Completed the Fantasy Serie listing.
Some minor corrections (mostly refs).

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