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Added 4 pics as well as an exhaustive list of the titles of the AD&D serie. 
(with dates of publication, main authors, notes, trivia...)
Enjoy !


  1. I don't have the whole collection of Dungeons and Dragons comics, but i could donwload most of them. It is maybe almost your entire list on this blog - wich is among my favorites if you wanna know - so, i don't mind to share my mediafire account's link with you, or anybody who visits your blog, or are fans as well of D&D as we are. So here it is: www.mediafire.com/helioguara

    Scans of D&D comics (mots of it), to download and read on CDisplay. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for passing by !

    Well, I have almost all originals (missing actually 2 spanish issues and waiting for the marvel summer special to arrive in mailbox)...
    so I dun really need their scanned versions, but am sure your link will interest some of this blog's visitors...

    I still haven t written a review of it but IDW is publishing again the old AD&D and Forgotten Realms series in TPB (first FR's TPB was compiling 8 issues for a cost around 20 bucks)...and according to IDW editor, they re willing to release all the DC series... economy way of collecting these now imo.