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I finally managed to remove all photobucket stored pictures from the blog, including the background one that created the damn banner covering everything on the non-mobile display (and this was far from being easy in the end despite apparent dedicated tools to manage the blog settings, erf)... Seriously, the way these guys pushed to get money was like a racket or so... I'd recommand a total boycott of photobucket if you're not in a business need...
What a crazy world, even in the most insignificant details... XD

Anyway, point is all missing picts have been re-uploaded on blogger and all should be ok by now. (If you ever look at some issue, please contact me)

I also checked every (or so...) links in all the posts and fixed the dead ones, cancelling some as pages totally disappeared from the web... so all shoud be working right by now. (Same here, if you ever find a dead link, I'd be very glad if you could spend a few seconds to inform me :) )

And I wanted to greatly thank Purgossu, who took time to contact me about a D&D comic that I wasn't aware of at all !! What an unexpected and great surprise it was !! I'll add it on the comics list asap and create a dedicated post then. Treasure hunting, that's this blog's spirit ! :D

My best regards !


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