D&D comics history part 30 - Forgotten Realms (IDW)

In 2012, IDW continues expanding its D&D comics line, starting a new series simply entitled :

Forgotten Realms

HC cover

   It will be a 5 issues series that will be edited in HC and TPB versions as well.
First issue will have 4 different covers when the rest will have 3. To my knowledge, there's no module edition for this. (which is sad considering the rich environment of the story)
The HC has the chapters (single issues cut) separated by A & B covers pages. And an art gallery at the end of the book shows off the RI covers (characters sketch ones). Owning only the HC, I can't assure it, but it seems there wasn't any RPG materials added to the issues.

 Sketch page from the art gallery (C-cover of issue #3)

   Story by famous Ed Greenwood, art by Lee Ferguson, inks by Sal Buscema & Marc Deering, colors by Len O'Grady & Dee Cunniffe and lettering by Shawn Lee, Tom B. Long & Neil Uyetake.

   So, it is a very interesting piece we have here. I have to admit that I wasn't very fan of the art at first, finding the characters very static, most often shown on front or side view with very angulous or very round faces... and often lacking facial expressions. As well, it's sometimes difficult to recognize the different characters... This may be why it took me years to finally get this out of the shelves and read it... and, passed the visual aspect, I have to say it's pretty well written and we have here a very rich and promising scenario. And I would add that I was particulary surprised -in a good way- by the sense of humor put in this story... somehow very brits' one. :)

Meanwhile, in North Ward..................... meanwhile in the Ghost Holds

   We're following the misfortunate adventures of Randral Daunter and Torn "Steeleye" Telmantle, both ruffians (greatly inspired by Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser) evolving in the dock ward's streets of the City of Splendors, the well-known Waterdeep (cf Brief description of Waterdeep below). Getting involved in some kidnapping they end being forced by a Tempus curse to rescue and protect the abducted noble miss of House Roaringhorn (cf map below), Lady Talandra. But nothing is as simple as it looks like and a bunch of different groups and entities are entangled in this affair... some willing the death of the Lady when some to get the mysterious Moondar (an apparently very poweful spell-gem with phasing propreties...). We just want to read the rest as most of the plots are still in development at the end of the book, but sadly for us, it seems there won't be any following.
You can find some interesting indeep analysis (and also very criticizing ones on Greenwood's writings) of the different plots of the story on (Un)Timely Comics.

[left] Brief description of Waterdeep (The North - Guide to the Savage Frontier, TSR1142 module box, 1996)
[right] Location of Great House Roaringhorn and its description (City of Splendors TSR1109 module box, 1994)

Also note that this story will be compiled in IDW's Forgotten Realms Omnibus along with Neverwinter Tales and Cutter.


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