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D&D comics history part 29 - The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales (IDW)

   In 2011, along with the publishing of their ongoing series, IDW will start releasing omnibus of the classic D&D comics by DC from the 80's and the main series of DDP, including The Legend of Drizzt. But, when we could have hoped for the missing Menzoberranzan chapter of Starless Night (8th book of the Legend which comics adaptation felt into limbos due to DDP's financial crisis), IDW offered their readers a story of the über-known Drizzt Do'Urden that takes place between "Gauntlgrym" and "Neverwinter", first and second novels of the Neverwinter Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, respectively 23th and 24th ones in Drizzt's saga.

Released in 5 issues, and available in HC as well as in TPB, it will be published under the title :

The Legend of Drizzt : Neverwinter Tales

   This original story has been written by R.A. Salvatore and his son Geno, art by Agustin Padilla, coloring by Leonard O'Grady and lettering by Chris Mowry and Neil Uyetake.

   It's an interesting side-story to the novels, well written and sustained with nice and pleasant graphic. We're following Drizzt and his companion Dahlia hunting for some creature, part dwarf battlerager and part vampire that will turn out to be their former brother in arms, Pwent. This last one had been biten by the vampire Korbin Dor'crae (whose been turned into a ghost by the evil ich Valindra Shadowmantle) during his fight against Drizzt's party. And despite the mental assault Pwent suffers from the ghosty vampire, he is not yet decided to drink innocent blood at all...
   So, yeah, fun tale on many aspects especially for those who read the novels.

   Note that the first issue has been also edited in module version, containing a playable adventure.

Module issue cover and adventure page sample

   In France, Milady released this comic in HC version in 2013, slightly different from the IDW one as it's missing the RPG materials but in the meanting including all the covers of the single issues when IDW's was only showing a few. (As well Milady's HC has been published in the original comic size when IDW's is in a larger format). Translation by Philippe Touboul and lettering by Cédric Lestiennes.

   Also note that this story will be compiled in IDW's Forgotten Realms Omnibus along with Forgotten Realms and Cutter.