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D&D comics history part 19 - The Unity of Rings

On 11/13/2003, WOTC put online, in their D&D archives, the scans of the comic :

The Unity of Rings

This issue is the missing piece in the 1996 Limited Edition serie. For some reason, this had not been released that time despite what could have been expected based on what TSR's advert was saying.
Believing what WOTC was saying on it on their website (page down since), the original pages were lost and suddenly reappeared during some office move... and they decided to put it online as the story is complete. (Without cover tho)

The Unity of Rings - First page

The WOTC archive is still online while I am writing these lines :
One thing, they inversed the second and the third page there... (-_-;)
Here's a link to a pdf of my own for a smoother reading :
The Unity of Rings.pdf

This comic is totally in the line of the limited editions. Funny (even cynical) with attractive graphics and a nice and well-constructed story.

"The story was conceived by the Planescape group -- Monte Cook (writer of "Hand of the Revenant" module), Michelle Carter, Colin McComb, Ray Vallese, and Andria Hayday -- and scripted by veteran planewalker (and experienced comic author) Jeff Grubb. It includes the art and lettering skills of Mark Heike, Brad Gorby, Chris Allen, and Bill Black (founder of AC comics), and colors by Barbara Brecker."
(dixit WOTC)

As it is online, I won t say more about the plot, you can discover it yourself.
Just it is based on Planescape. (campaign setting created in 1994 based on the concept of multiple planes of existence, in which are included the existing worlds of D&D such as Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc)
And well, a (loop-)story about a ring... doesn t that ring a bell ? :P

Double scanned page spread
It is just sad, for us collectors, that WOTC never released printed versions of it, even in very limited editions for some convention or else... :/
It could have been my preciouuuus... :P