Dungeons & Dragons vintage treasures - part 1

   Am a D&D collector, no doubt. The reason why I start this blog today. I'll try to give full lists of specifics items under offical D&D (and affiliated) license in order to help some other crazy guys like me to complete their compulsive quests... :P

    My main collections within the D&D universe are :
Comics, Novels (french vers.), Video games, Puzzles, Miniatures & Cards

   But during the nights spent on the web looking for some items to complete any of these, I somehow felt (ouch !) on some uncommon or at least unexpected incredibly useless vintage licensed goods that I couldn't resist to acquire...

Today let me present ya the superb (ergh...) :

"Dragonlance Baseball Cap"...

   Yeah... a baseball cap... that went out in 1994. Not much to say... it's a cheap black & red cap with the Dragonlance logo badly positioned on its front. It's adjustable... woohoo ! (usual plastic clips on the back).

Totally useless... somehow unique... a must-to-have ! XD

   Have no doubt, this is an official product as confirmed by the inside label. And it is not the Dragonlance cloth patch that would have been put on a cap as it is a fully sewed logo, 10 or 20% larger than the patch one.


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