Dungeons & Dragons vintage treasures - part 3

   This one for sure is a treasure. 
I mean when I first saw it... I was like : "WTF...ya kiddin me o' what ?"
But there was no kidding... it was an :

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition TRIVIA GAME

   Really like any trivial pursuit, without the board tho. It uses a system of coins representing your character's (wizard, rogue, warrior, priest or monster) amount of HP. I always liked trivia games but mixed with a bit of a system of battle board-game (you can hit but also heal your wounds), that's just huge.
ok, ok, am a bit too euphoric here...(>.<)

   Anyway, imo, it's a great item, really fun to play. I wish it would have been be updated by the addition of extensions, but sadly none exists (to my knowledge).

It's dated 1991, product by TSR under ref. 1069.
ISBN 1-56076-058-3
Contains 600 questions divided into 5 levels of difficulty.
10 character cards. 60 markers.

Question lvl 3 : There are two mains categories of golems. what are those categories, and which golems belong to each one ?
Answer : Greater and lesser. Greater : stone and iron. Lesser : flesh and clay. MC

Question lvl 5 : What are the properties of a dull gray ioun stone ?
Answer : None. It is a burned out, dead stone. DMG, page 173

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