D&D comics history part 12 - Baldur's Gate (TSR / Bioware)

In 1998, Bioware & TSR issued a promotional comic : Baldur's Gate, with a story that acts like an introduction to the video game. Art and scenario done by Bioware staff when production and marketing were handled by Interplay.

Cover illustration : Michael Sass
Pencils/Inks/Letters : John Gallagher
Colorist : Dean White

I still have to dig on how the comic was released. I believe it came out in some convention or maybe was gifted in some video game box... (If you have any info...)

Now on the contents... Well, the graphics are not that bad... it s mostly bloody slaughters after ambushes and betrayals (heads flying, flow of blood splashing everywhere...) but on the other hand, the artist put lots of hidden D&D references... if you observe well, you ll find Elminster lightning his pipe in front of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar...

...as well as some funny beholder (plush ? o_O) on the tavern shelves... or even the famous Marco Volo on the same frame... and could it be Flint Fireforge from the Dragonlance chronicles smoking his pipe next to him ? o_O

In addition, ya can find lots of known coats of arms on shields or banners... No doubt the artist has a solid knowledge of the Forgotten Realms. (Baldur' Gate being one of the most important city in the Realms after Waterdeep)

Despite my first impression that wasn t very enthousiastic about this comic, I have to admit it s far more interesting than it seemed at first sight.
I am sure I am still missing lots of winks hidden in the frames...

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