D&D comics history part 20 - Crisis in Raimiton

WOTC released a free comic entitled Crisis in Raimition - An adventurers Guide to D&D for the Free Comic Book Day event, on july 3, 2004.

Pencils / cover art : Scott Roller        Story / inks : Matt Clarke
Inks : Matt Phillips       Digital color / lettering : Zach Odil

You could find official WOTC review a few years ago on their website but the page is down for a while... (they really should invest in servers... tsss)

The story is about a bunch of RPGers preparing a D&D game (creation of characters, etc) and then playing it. The story then depicts the characters' adventure.

To be fully honest, I would qualify this issue as a pure piece of shit. 
No more no less... no offense heh XD

Part showing the gamers in "real life" is just a mix of caricatures and idealistic propaganda. Like, the guys are eating chips but they all look like fitness addicts. More, the players are 2 dudes and 2 gals... which is pretty much anti-sexism but really far from reality. (I dunno the stats but i do think at least 80% of RPGers are dudes...). On other hand, the DM is still a dude heh... o_O

Be an adventurer...eat chips !

But anyway, if the story is all but interesting, it s not where the novel falls short.
The ultimate fail is the graphics... man... they so suck. And the computer coloring and the cheap lettering are just adding to the mediocrity imo.


At least it was a free issue heh... I always try to find the good in the bad... but here... heh... more than a challenge to me. Even the adventure scenario, being so simplistic, is distressing...

The only good thing i could say of this issue is about the purpose the authors had. It s obvious they really wanted to create a understandable introduction to D&D (3.5) to the uninitiated public. But even with the best of intentions...

But well, this is marked D&D...this is a comic... this had to be in my collection...


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