Dungeons & Dragons vintage treasures - part 6

In 1983, Marvel published 2 little storybooks under the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons trademark.
These are entitled The Forest of Enchantment and The Treasure of Time.

In The Forest of Enchantment, a young elven bard named Caruso survives an encounter with evil lizard men who are invading his forest while he was just having peaceful time...
With the help of his friend, the elven druid Filaree, they get information from Figgen of the Thieves' Guild that the army of lizard men is under the orders of Warduke who is planning to rob the Ruby of the Seven Suns which is carried by a certain Princess Mirra, whose caravan will cross through the forest the next day.
They also learn that the evil wizard Kelek has joined Warduke.
Back in the forest, stupid Caruso is made prisoner by the villains and guarded by evil thief Foxfingers. But with some luck, he manages to free himself in the morning while the Princess' party, composed of an escort of 6 horsemen, Mirra herself and her hand-maiden Bess, arrived in the forest.
At the moment of the assault, the villains got disturbed by the druid (who was hiding under a tree form all night...) and our stupid bard. Swift, the druid cast a Plant Growth spell and the bad guys got entangled.
And everything ends fine... heh.

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In The Treasure of Time, Kelek the bad bad wizard is spying the good magic-user Charmay who is helding a scroll leading to "The Treasure of Time"... Kelek manages to fool her and get the scroll.
On his way back, Kelek avoids the attack of the good dwarf fighter Elkhorn with the unexpected help of Charmay who still under his charm.
Elkhorn will then seek the help of the good paladin Strongheart and they will start to investigate at Charmay's. With a magic mirror they discover that Kelek was willing to use the powerful spell. But Kelek was also watching the good party with a crystal ball... and he orders the bad bad orc assassin Zarak to stop them.
On the way to Kelek's, Elkhorn got attacked by poisonous snakes and Zarak engages a fight with Strongheart. After the defeat of the villains, they finally reach a ruined castle in which they manages to find the chest containing the Treasure of Time. But Kelek was waiting for the companions and traps them with some spells. That time, Charmay, free of Kelek's charm, arrives at the castle and order Kelek to not open the chest... but well... villains being villains, Kelek opens it and absorbs the power which makes him become young again.
In a try to attack the party Kelek discovers that if he has lost his old age he also lost his knowledge and powers ! Charmay then takes back the scroll and let the crying wizard alone. End of story.

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I scanned and compiled the entire books in 2 pdf documents. Just click on pics to download. Enjoy !!


  1. I have to say, I like these two books (I've had them both since they came out), I kind of wish they had made more.

    One thing about "The Forest of Enchantment"...Is it just me, or is there a lot of elven characters in it?

    Both Filaree and Caruso are elven or at least part elven, then there is Kelek who has always looked somewhat elven to me too (with his pointed ears).

    1. I first tend to think he was half-elf but according to the description of Kelek on this page it seems he's a 65 yo human... now I have no idea where the info was taken from... o_O
      Good pointing on the pointy ears anyway ! :)
      (And yeah...well... my apologies it took 6 years to answer that... -_-;)