D&D comics history part 24 - Eye of the Wolf (DDP)

In august 2006, DDP released a single issue based on Eberron's settings entitled :
  Eye of the Wolf

Story written by Keith Baker, art by Chris Lie (founder of Caravan Studio) and colors by Rob Ruffolo.

It s an interesting piece for many reasons.

It is the first comic ever which story takes place in Eberron (city of Sharn here).
Eberron is a setting born in 2002 from the imagination of K.Baker.
It is somehow similar to the Forgotten Realms but with a heavy laddle of steampunk. DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online), the MMORPG that went out too in 2006 is also based on this setting.

In this single issue's short story, we re following the captain Greykell Ir'Ryc narrating the events that made her acquire the Eye of the Wolf, a powerful artifact. 

If the story is well-written, the atmosphere in the whole is pretty serious. Some could be disappointed in this lack of humor.
It's the first D&D comic that DDP released that was not a novel adaptation and they could have started some innovation in narrating...

The graphics are very good, as is the coloring. The dusty depiction could have fit a novel based on Dark Sun... but fits perfectly the needs of this story.
The only remark I could make on the art is about the rigid and static "posing" of the characters... but in the whole it s a very nice issue.

In 2008, DDP will start publishing short stories based on the different D&D settings under the comics line The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons.
Eye of the Wolf will be part of the first TPB compilation.

Note that, for some not so logical reason, it will also be part of Abraxis Wren of Eberron, compilation issued in 2015 by IDW.


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