D&D comics history part 26 - Dragonlance Legends (DDP)

In 2008, DDP started to publish their final series based on D&D universe :

Dragonlance Legends 

Following the books by Weis & Hickman, the plot takes place after the Dragonlance Chronicles. DDP was only able to produced the first 3 issues due to their financial problems. These have been compiled in a TPB version (november 2008) under the same name of the first novel : Time of the Twins.

As for the Chronicles, the apdatation is done by Andrew Dabb.
Pencils by David Cole, colors by Adam Chong & Et Cetera and lettering by Crank! & Charles Pritchett.

When the novel was kinda dark, depicting the events that will lead the Majere brothers to fight eachother to decide the future of their world, I have to say that I was somehow disappointed in the art treatment reserved to such a story. Some pages seem to be colored draft, considering the corpses & faces' proportions or their "flatness" and what to say about the facial expressions... erf... well... it's not a really good graphic novel adaptation according to my tastes...

But on other hand, it's not the worst D&D-licenced graphic novel I read... we could have just hoped that another team would have taken in charge the graphics of the following issues... anyway, that was the last TPB of the D&D adventure that DDP ever published and we can imagine the quality is as good as the time & money they were willing to give to the artists... 


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